End of Year Print and DPI Competition

The End of Year Print and DPI Competition was held on Friday 18th May. The competition was judged by Beryl Heaton ARPS, EFIAP, CPAGB. The results were:

Print Competition

1st place – Lyn Jackson, Ugandan Refugee, Nun, Ajia Marina, Cyprus

2nd place – Joe McNeilage, Sunrise Loch Awe

3rd place – Lyn Jackson, I’m Still Too Hot

Highly Commended – Joe McNeilage, Kim and Mike Hayter, The Wanaka Tree

Commended – Roger Parry, Curious Robin; Mike Hayter, Milford Sound and Lyn Jackson, Reflecting on London

DPI Competition

1st place – Roger Parry, Rose

2nd place – Rick Dickinson, Balancing Act

3rd place – Mike Hayter, Path to Mount Doom

Highly Commended – Clive Greenland, Nightime Sun and Red Squirrel; Mike Hayter, Pulteney Bridge & Pier and Rick Dickinson, Underneath the Arches

Commended – Clive Greenland, Avebury Stone Circle; Roger Parry, Grey Squirrel and Last Gasp of Autumn; Allan Edwards, Hansel & Gretal’s Cottage and Lyn Jackson, London Flats


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