2016 AGM and Competition Results

On Friday 17 June we held our Annual General Meeting, together with judging of our Three Related Prints and 3 Best DPI competitions. The results were:

Three Related Prints

1st Mike Hayter
2nd Roger Parry
3rd Allan Edwards

Three Best DPIs

1st Roger Parry

2nd Andy Rose

3rd Mike Hayter and Reg Lambert (joint)

2015-16 Projects

The results of the 2015-16 Project Competitions were:

Print Project:

1st Roger Parry
2nd Mattie Chamberlain
3rd Mike Hayter

DPI Project

1st Andy Rose and Joe Suitters (joint)
3rd Roger Parry

Other trophy winners for this season were:

Print of the Year (The Tom Burnard Trophy) – Andy Rose

Mid-Season Print Competition (Silver Cup) – Allan Edwards

Mid-Season Best Projected Image (The New Trophy) – Andy Rose

The Andy Hughes Trophy

This is a new trophy, donated and presented in person by Roshan Hughes, daughter of Andy Hughes, an esteemed and well respected Club member, who sadly recently passed away.  It was decided to award this to the winner of the Members’ Print Choice.  Congratulations to the inaugural winner, Roger Parry.

Best Newcomer

The Committee decided to award, for the first time, a prize to the Best Newcomer to the Club in the current season.  Congratulations go to Mike Hayter, who has made a great impression with his competition entries this year.

Congratulations once again to all our winners and runner-up members.  For those who entered but didn’t secure a place, keep exposing those images over the coming year and strive to improve your techniques. Good luck, and see you on 2 September for the start of our 2016-17 Season.


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