Print of the Year Competition

On Friday 15 May we held our 2015 Print of the Year Competition. Open class, members were invited to submit up to four mounted prints, and the event was judged by Ian Drake from Trowbridge. Ian has judged several competitions for us in the past, and members were impressed once again with the professional manner in which he conducted the evening.

The results were:

1st (joint)
Andy Rose (Big Ben)

1st (joint)
Andy Rose (Poldark)

Joe McNeilage (Caterpillar of Mullien Moth)

Highly Commended

Andy Hughes (St Ives, Cornwall)
Joe McNeilage (Goth by Moonlight)
Andy Hughes (Out and About)

Mike Woodberry (Water Lillies, Longleat)
Mike Woodberry (Pulteney Bridge and Weir, Bath)
Kevin Hunt (Pick Me Up)
Roger Parry (Spirit Island, Canada)
Mattie Chamberlain (Head Boy)

Congratulations to all the above members.


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